Getting Rid of Things

You know, having to do such a big clean and straighten up job in our home inevitably brings up lots of questions that I ask myself about my self-worth as a housekeeper. I find myself dwelling on the idea that if only I were a regular, more thorough, or at-all-diligent housekeeper, this job wouldn't be so hard.

But alas, I am not, and alas, it is hard. I have been taking deep breaths all weekend and reminding myself that no, I don't have to have the house in perfect condition before the realtors all arrive on Tuesday. But yes, I do have to have it spiffed up a little bit more before that time. So I have decided to take a mental health day from work tomorrow to work on it a little more. I even decided it was worth the two hours or so that I will spend making sub plans for all of my 30 different students who work on about 20 different things each day to avoid having to rush home from work tomorrow and run around like a chicken with its head cut off to get things done then. Which would not be good for my mental health, I assure you.

One of the reasons that I decided this is that most of today has been taken up with picking up the boys from the airport after a four day vacation at Disneyworld with their Tennessee grandparents. They flew in at 2, and we're just again home about 4:45. (They had a great time, thanks for asking.)

I did make some clearing-out progress after our trip to the airport. We stopped by Half Price Books and we took in five boxes of books to sell back. I was telling myself to be happy with a $10 return, so I was delighted when he offered me $52. It was just as easy, and much more productive than taking them to Goodwill. Plus, five boxes of books are gone from our house!

Bit by bit, I think I'll get there. Now I'm off to work on the sub plans.

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