Selling the House

I knew this was coming - this "get the house ready for sale" thing. I was even enjoying the normal house messiness of our daily life, knowing that the days were coming when everything would have to be spruced up - and kept spruced up.

Indeed, that day has arrived. We are going to list our house on the market with a realtor friend, and today he came out to get the process started. He is coming back on Tuesday with the 6 or 7-member team from the real estate office to take a good, hard look at the house and talk about a listing price. He also would like to have an open house a week from Sunday.

Whew. This means that 1)we have a lot to do before Tuesday, and even more to do before next Sunday, and 2)once it's fixed up, it will have to stay fixed up. Which is not at all in my nature - to keep things picked and spruced up, that is. I'm more of a "hit the cleaning and straightening all at once" type housekeeper, and then let is all erode until the next burst of cleaning comes. I like to do things in one fell swoop - and then do nothing until the next swooping begins.

A challenge it will be (and I feel like that statment should be said in my best Yoda voice). But it must be done.

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