Wow. It's actually kind of cool in Fresno today. (As I write this it is 64 there.) It was 28 degrees here this morning when I headed off to school. I know some people would rather avoid cold weather, but I do like winter and the resulting gift to all teachers: snow days. When we were in Fresno interviewing I was kind of checking out the pros and cons of it, and I asked about this. I said that in Morgantown we can count on at least four or five snow days a year - did they have anything comparable? Of course they couldn't offer snow days, but they said "Ooh, we do have a fog delays every once in a while." Fog delays? It seems that sometimes the fog is so thick in the valley that they have to delay school for a few hours. But then they added that they haven't had any fog delays for several years, most likely due to global warming.

Hmm. Not quite the same in my book, but I suppose the Fresno has other things to offer - like the beach two hours west of us and Yosemite two hours east.

But no snow...

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