The Weekend

Ah, here we are at the end of another weekend, making preparations for yet another week at school. However, with Election Day off this week, it will be a 4-day week, which is nice. Plus, this is the week in the rotation that I do not have recess duty, which gives me an hour of time in the middle of the day, and that's always nice. (Of course, I do have lunch in that hour too, but I can do that pretty quickly.

It was a nice weekend here at home. We had a pretty event-less schedule, or at least I did. Friday night the boys went trick-or-treating with friends, Jason went to the college group Halloween/scary movie party, and I stayed home. Saturday Jason had a couple things to do, but I did not, so I did home things that day, as well.

The Open House did not happen today, because there just wasn't enough time to get it set up before the Sunday newspaper ad went in. So, we'll actually have that two weeks from today. While it would have been nice to get that out of the way, it was also nice to have this afternoon at home to do things here.

I've alternated throughout the weekend between working on school work (preparing progress reports), doing home jobs, and other various tasks. I did spend a good amount of time making some new eBay listings for the ongoing Lego Project. I finished the first round of auctions a couple of weeks ago. Those were our old Duplo toys, and the goal in selling those was to mainly to get my feedback ratings up. We sold 12 items and I now have 12 positive feedback comments and a gold star, so I guess that's good. Even though I told the boys that we just wanted ratings, and we probably wouldn't make any money on those, we did manage to make over $80 in sales. Now I'm beginning to list the Lego's - those sets that it seems like we spent the whole summer gathering.

Well, off to do more progress reports and perhaps even write lesson plans as I watch the Sunday night football game.

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