Here was my to-do list for the day off today:

1. Vote

2. Errands: Post office, DMV to renew license, buy flowers for front steps, Pharmacy, Grocery store, Pick up boxes behind grocery store

3. Home jobs: general pickup and cleaning

4. School jobs: lesson plans and finish progress reports

5. Take cold medicine to combat pesky head cold

6. Give boys job list of various things that need to be done

I did get a lot of those done, but having the cold did slow me down a bit. Here are the pansies I got and planted today:

Jason and I did wait in line about an hour to vote, but I hear that's not near as long as some people waited.

For some reason, the post office was open today, but the DMV was not. Hmmm. I may have to take an afternoon off from school soon so I can finally get my license renewed! :)

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