A Fine Quilt of Unfinished Cross Stitch Pieces

I realize that I have been falling behind in the "Throw Away One Thing A Day" department, but I think I made up for it this weekend. Jason's mom was here the past few days, and she really helped me part with a lot of things that we just don't need. (In the interest of the environment, I do want to interject that many of these things recently that I have not shown I have actually been finding a new home for. Either I leave them in the teacher's lounge at school or the front table at church with a "free" sign on them, or I put them in my "Future Christmas Presents Re-Gift Pile". (ha ha).

The day before yesterday I got into my cross stitching stash. The truth is that is just don't cross stitch anymore, and can't really see myself doing it anytime in the future. So, I gathered all of my unused materials and took them to some friends and church that cross stitch a lot. Of course, then I was faced with a batch of unfinished projects that I am beyond confident that I will never work on again. I decided to toss them, but before I did, I took pictures of them all (for the blog, of course). If I had any kind of photo-editing software at all (or knowledge of how to use it) I would line them all up in a photo collage, add virtual sewn edges, and display it as the "unfinished cross stitch project quilt". But I don't have any software like that, so you will just have to imagine. While you squint hard and imagine this, remember that what you see is the only part of the project actually finished on the whole piece of cloth - sad, really.

In other house news, we had an Open House here this afternoon. We weren't here when I happened, and we haven't talked to our realtor, so I have no idea if anyone came or not. I'm just imagining that it was a lot of people, and am enjoying how clean and nice our house is now.
Also, I made the round table on the right. Now if I can just get it finished...

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