A Few Random Thoughts:

Here are a few random thoughts before I go off and tackle Chapter 9 in my wonderful language acquisition book:

1)House update (Or perhaps I should say houses update): We are at the point that we are ready to go into escrow on the house that we want to buy here in Fresno. Unfortunately, we are still waiting to hear the final word about a closing date from Morgantown. Things are looking fine there, but it's just moving s-l-o-w-l-y. Since we have avoided owning two houses at once all of this time, we would really rather not break this streak now. So, we are hoping for resolution on this soon. Like, today, please.

2)The boys are winding down with school. Their last day is next Friday, June 12th. There are lots of end-of-the-year concerts and awards ceremonies and such. I especially enjoy going to these and seeing evidence of how well both boys have adjusted to their new schools. They seem to be comfortable and know plenty of the other kids. In fact, last Friday both boys rode their bikes to the grocery store to buy something, and they said another elementary-sized child was kind of eyeing Jacob while there. The kid said something like, "I couldn't help but noticing your shirt," (Jacob was wearing his school shirt). He followed up by saying, "I go to school there." Jacob said, "I do, too," to which the kid answered, "I know. You're Jacob Locke."

Wow. Grocery-store recognition for the pseudo-new kid. Although I do have to admit any child who opens a conversation with, "I couldn't help noticing your t-shirt" might just be the type of child socially conscious enough to memorize the whole school attendance list, just for the networking aspect of it. We'll just assume it because Jacob is well-liked at school (and not from getting his full name called out in the cafeteria or playground or other school settings by his teacher...)

3)As I mentioned above, I am on Chapter 9 in my 12 chapter book about teaching English-learners. I have the goal this week of working through a chapter a day, and then I'll have all of next week to review and prepare. As I also said before, woo hoo.

Hmmm. I think that's about it for now. Time to go and read.

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