A Free Pass to Wonder Sub Status

Boy, was I surprised when the phone rang at 6:40 this morning with a sub call for me for a fourth grade class. I was planning on listening to it repeatedly while I thought about whether I would take it or not, but mistakenly pressed the wrong button and thus accepted it right away.

Even after several years of subbing and even more years of teaching, I always get a little nervous about sub assignments that I know nothing about. I call them "Mystery Jobs".

However, all nervousness vanished this morning when I realized I had in our own house the very ticket to make my sub day go very smoothly. That ticket was this:

If you don't know this series of books, I should tell you that they're very popular with the boys (and some girls) in the elementary schools. This one just came out on Tuesday, so the fact that I had a freshly-published and not-available-in-the-school-library copy moved me straight into Wonder Sub Status with the fourth graders.

Needless to say, the day went just fine. Thanks, Jacob for letting me be Wonder Sub with your book today.

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