Out of the Mouth of Babes

Yes, you just have to love teaching the little ones. Last night I helped my friend Gay in her Wednesday night class at church. We had the younger group, ranging in ages from 3 to second grade. They're a lively bunch, and they always say the most interesting things.

For example, when Gay asked them who were some people that they trusted, there were several answers you would expect, such as, "Mommy and Daddy," and "My siblings." (That came from the second grader.) Then we got, "I trust my girlfriend from school, who I married this week." (That was from the kindergartner.) That's when you give that wise, age-old answer that fits all comments like that - you nod your head thoughtfully, and say,"Hmmmm."

There was more talk of the new marriage during snack time, as well. It wasn't a giggle-giggle - "I'm married" kind of talk. He was serious. He was married.

Between that and the four-year old exclaiming, "Hey! Did you know that popcorn is made of mushrooms?", followed by a table full of wondrous and appreciative ooohs and aaahhs, it was a good time had by all.

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Anonymous –   – (15 October 2009 at 19:27)  

Seriously, where are the parents of these youngsters? Constant monitoring needs to be administered and it is apparent that is NOT happening at home. A repeat of the parenting class maybe? Or a Nanny911 intervention! Dawn

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