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I'm starting the week with some house news, although I am sad to say that my house news from last week really more falls into the "Stalled House News" category. This is due to several reasons.

First, I did so much on the house for such a long stretch of time that I was just kind of sick of it for awhile. Once I got to a stopping point, I just couldn't get the desire to do any more for awhile.
Second, I did work two days last week, and that did affect what I did at home on the days that I did not work. I just had other things to do on my home days instead of house projects.

Thirdly, (and this is probably the biggest reason), I have been suffering from some kind of general elbow malaise that I think is directly related to my days of intense wallpaper removal. I could tell that my elbow was getting very tired of being extended and retracted for days on end, but unfortunately the elbow pain has lasted for a good week after I stopped working so hard. It only hurts if I extend my arm all the way, or bend it tightly up to my face (say, to brush my teeth). It hurts the most if I do anything with my arm extended, such as stretch my arm out to pick something up, or even lift something like a coffee cup. I think I might have aggravated it last week while 1)scrubbing the mineral stains off of our front windows, or 2)banging a pencil repeatedly on a music stand while subbing in the music class.

Yes, I know, it sounds like the injury sufferings of a slacker, but it is interesting. Could it be that there is a version of tennis elbow for the Wallpaper Removers of the world?

This being said, I am getting feeling some motivational twinges again of wanting to launch into some new projects this week.

Tomorrow I will bring you some "after" pictures of our newly-painted living and family rooms. That will be something interesting to show as I get started on these new areas. Or rather, recently-abandoned and now restarted areas.

photo by Darwin Bell (Creative Commons License: Attribution, Non-Commercial)
Open on Flickr

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