The Big Reveal - Jericho's Room

Well, here they are finally - the "after" pictures of Jericho's room. First, let's show the "before":

This before picture at least shows the basic look of it: white walls, nasty old curtains, walls bare.

And here is the new look:

Still need to get some curtains, of course.

Be sure and note the green bookshelves in the closet - the chosen accent color.

Ummm, still need to get him to clean up the desk...

We're in the process of putting up this second cube.

There are plans to put up some framed things above the bed, but I need to get some more spray paint.

Well, there you have it, or at least as it is right now. Whew.

Sarah  – (6 November 2009 at 14:16)  

a) I'm still really envious of your blog signature and have tried 15 different ways to create one without having photoshop. so far, no luck.

b) I REALLY like how it turned out -- Riley wanted his WALLS that green color, but maybe I can show him this and talk him into using it as an accent color. Much better!

Barbara  – (6 November 2009 at 14:56)  

Wow! This is great!

What's in the display case over his desk?

And weren't there bunk beds in his picture in the before picture? What did you do with the other one?

Now I'm psyched for Jacob's room.

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