Saturday Morning in Photos

Here are a few random photos of my Saturday morning:

1. I'm thinking the dog is really liking her new dog food. A lot better than the old brand, in fact. You can tell this by they way that she picks out the old food and drops it on the ground. That's some serious dog food rejection right there:

2. Here are some roses from our rose bushes. Nice even in November.

3. I am really appreciating the fall color that we're getting here. Of course, the combination of the fall foliage and the palm tree in the background is a little odd for me...

4. I've temporarily converted the (yet unpainted) china hutch into a fabric center for the flowers I'm making for the upcoming holiday boutique:

5. I won't claim that my scrapbooking desk usually looks much different than this, but right now it's swamped - again, with holiday boutique projects:

Now, off to try and finish some of those pictured projects...

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