What I'm Doing with All These New Internet Ideas

Now that I've added some fun Creating links to look at, I can tell what I'm doing with all of this new inspiration.

Two of the favorite new sites to look at are Thrifty Design Chick and Our Suburban Cottage. (They're the ones that really make me think I might need a miter saw.) Anyway, being someone who is decorating a new home on a budget, I was especially interested in the Thrifty Chick's Goodwill Transformations. I loved seeing what she did with her finds, and was thus motivated to find my own.

So, this week I'm going on a Thrift Store Search. I started out on Monday stopping at one close to where Jericho takes his french horn lessons. The only thing I found there was a bookshelf that might be just right for the spot at the end of the hallway. However, it was $40 and was pressed wood, and I'm aiming for the best bargains. If it would have been $20, that would have been great. I put it on my "Think About" list and moved on.

Then yesterday my friend Gay and I sought out our local Habitat for Humanity's ReStore. Now, that's a great place. It's this big warehouse full of all sorts of building supplies - it was really fun. I came away with these items for future projects:

I found these long pieces of crown molding made of alder wood. Four-foot long pieces at $3 each.

I found these long wood trim pieces for .25 each,

and this long trim piece for about the same price. I have big plans for all of them.

Today I won't be hitting any new stores, though. I've finally got the china cabinet into the garage and it's ready to be sanded. I bought the paint for it yesterday - which is another example of my new interest in these websites. Again, I went to Thrifty Decor Chick's site, read what color she used on her black furniture, and went to Home Depot and bought that very paint. Sight unseen, no sample or paint chip or anything. (Well, it is black, after all - how bad can it be?)

So that's what I'm doing this week. Not subbing or working, but still managing to make the most of it.

Jane @ Finding Fabulous  – (3 December 2009 at 10:15)  

Hey Julie, I'm glad you stopped by my blog today! And thanks for the tip about removing the gold globe on the chandelier...I just might try that! Funny but the Hubby and I totally disagree about that chandelier too. Only my hubby wants to keep the darn thing...ugh!! Oh I love the restore too!

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