What Was Lost Has Now Been Found

Remember the lost boomerang story? How Jacob and his friend Josh threw his boomerang up into a tree and it got stuck it and we staged a late-night boomerang rescue? How I gave the boomerang up as forever lost and instead mused about parenting dilemmas involved in such childhood "traumas"?

Well, the good news of the week is that the boomerang has been found. Jacob and Josh were walking across the schoolyard this week and saw some boys playing with it. I suppose it fell out of the tree with all those fall leaves, like some kind of dream gift from the sky to a group of young schoolboys. Actually, it's quite amazing that it didn't get confiscated before Jacob and Josh spotted it, since boomerangs aren't your usual accepted playground toy, but nevertheless, there it was.

Jacob has to go through some clever identification questions to gain it back ("Where is it from? How much did it cost?"), but finally he convinced them it was his, and brought it home.

Really, with this end result it turned out to be the best of all scenarios: boomerang was trapped, parents made an effort to rescue boomerang, boomerang remained lost and child dealt with loss of boomerang, boomerang shows up later and is found.

Truly, all is well again in Boomerang World.

Barbara  – (3 December 2009 at 11:10)  

Glad he was able to prove ownership -- and because of long acquaintance with children was not surprised that nobody thought of turning it in to lost and found, when it appeared. :>

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