Okay, I am feeling the need to insert a little Blogger Disclaimer here.  My last two posts were posted before I actually wanted to post them.  This is because I saved both as drafts as I wandered off to find pictures or to find links, but then was unable to go back and edit them later.  It wouldn't let me edit them or view them as drafts - the only thing it would let me do was publish them.  (Well, perhaps it would have let me Delete them, but I would rather have a weird post than delete it). And now that they're published I can't go back in and edit them, either.  

So, especially in the case of Hedgehog, the pictures are in the wrong place, things are probably spelled wrong, and it probably has several places where it just doesn't make sense.  I would read over it to find these specific problems, but since I can not fix them, I will not look for them.

Oh, well.  It can be a little precarious in the Internet world, so we'll just have to go with it.

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