One of the things on my joblist this week is to fix hedgehog.  Hedgehog is one of Mocha's toy stuffed animals who unfortunately has seen better days.

Mocha actually has a basketfull of animals just for her, and each one of them is near and dear to her heart.   She loves to fetch them if you throw them down the hall, and sometimes she will pounce on them for no apparrant reason and then happily lick or chew on them.  I've noticed lately that she especially will do this pouncing if we (the people in the house) are yelling about something on TV, such as a great sports play.  Or if the boys start chasing each other or wreslting, it's like it makes her so anxious that she feels she must pouce on a stuffed animal.

The sad thing is that Mocha is very hard on her stuffed animals.  The ones with the hard plastic eyes or nose fare the worst.  This is because she will hold them between her little paws and chew those plastic pieces right out.  No plastic eye or nose is safe from her snaggly dog teeth, and they end up looking very sad after she's done with them - and of course they smell even worse.

Hedgehog doesn't have any hard plastic parts, but he rolls nicely down the hall when she chases him, and perhaps this is why she likes him so much.  Sadly, one day last week she chewed him enough to open the seam on him back, and out came his stuffing.  See, here is the grievous wound:

When the stuffing comes out of an animal she doesn't quite know what to do with it, so she just keeps licking and pulling at it, and then she's got fuzz in her mouth and between her snaggly teeth, not to mention the potential for a monster fuzz hairball.  So at this stage we have to do an intervention, and in this case we took Hedgehog away.

Jason wanted to throw him away, but he came all the way from the IKEA in Prague, and I declared he could be saved.

So, Hedgehog should be back in the stuffed animal rotation soon enough.

I'll leave you with there pictures I took back in Morgantown, intending to use them on a scrapbook page:

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