A Pallet Quandry

Not long ago I talked about Pallet art, and all the things you could do with an old pallet.  I have one sitting in my back yard right now, and was thinking all that I would paint some nice words on it and call it an art project.

However, my friend Ann Sparks set me on to this wonderful table shown recently in Sunset Magazine.  It apparently originally came from faroutflora, where you can see all the instructions yourself.

Source: faroutflora.com via Lee on Pinterest

So now I admit I'm in a pallet quandary.  Do I want to go with pallet artwork, or a pallet tables with succulents growing down the middle?  One bonus about the table is that I now have a whole host of baby succulents growing and will soon be wanting a new home.  However, a disadvantage is that I would have to find a table bottom, which could involve some serious time at Craig's List/at garage sales.

Hmmm.  I will have to give it some thought. 

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