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I'm happy to report that the editing problem in Blogger seems to be fixed.  I can now go back into saved or published posts and edit them, which I could not do a few days ago.  This restored editing function significantly reduces the pressure in writing a post, because  I don't have to worry about getting it perfect (or at least non-embarrassing) the first time before I have to save or publish it.


I've been spending the last few days here sans boys, since both boys went to visit grandparents this week.  One (Boy A) went to one set of grandparents in Texas, and one (Boy B) went to the other set in Tennessee.  As I write this, Boy A is flying from Texas to Tennessee to join the Boy B, where they will visit together until Boy B flies home Tuesday, and Boy A flies home Thursday.  Well, they actually fly into San Francisco.  And they flew out of Oakland.  You almost need a flow chart to keep track of it.  Of course, you know what they say, "Why do things the easy way when you can do it the complicated way."  Or at least I say that.

As much as I love my children, I always look forward to times like this when they take little trips because it's prime "Get a lot of things done" time.  I always have an ambitious list of projects to do when they're away, and I like to throw myself into a Project Frenzy once they leave. 

However, this time I've noticed that the time while they're gone is different.  I guess it's because when they were younger, I spent a lot more time doing things with and for them, and when they were gone, that time was suddenly freed up.  I could do things and projects that I couldn't before without those child-driven interruptions.  Now I realize that a lot of my time is interruption-free anyway.  If I want to do a big project when they're here, they are okay without me and for the most part can wait until I'm done - or take care of things themselves.  I guess the truth is that they just don't need me like they used to...sniff, sniff.

This somber realization has taken the edge off of my Project Zeal for a little bit, but I'm working to get it stirred up again.  So I'm making a list of things to do in the next few days, if for no other reason, because school is starting in two weeks, so it's time to get moving.

Bob  – (5 August 2011 at 15:08)  

We enjoyed our visit with Boy A. What happens in Austin stays in Austin. :)

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