Perhaps I'll Keep Them

Well, the past few school days have prevented me from calling my supervisor and asking for a new group of Little People to teach.  Of course, I'm pretty sure what she would have said if I requested a new batch, but it was worth a try. 

Actually, yesterday was also kind of a crazy day, but there were no rodents or bathroom incidents involved - just the hugest clean up job ever after centers, hand/arm prints involving a lot of paint washing-off, and some general rowdiness.

One thing I did appreciate about my day yesterday is that I had someone in doing an assessment on one of the Little People that I have been wondering about from Day One.  The assessor came away from the experience with the exact same feelings and impressions that I have been having all this time, so that was kind of a gratifying thing - in teacher kind of way.

In the Non-School World, we've been having Back to School Nights and band practices and homework here and there. 

All in all, about normal for the end of September.

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