Varmints, Re-Revisited

Well, the varmint trouble continues.  And not even in the classroom this time.  (Well, actually, considering how the week at school has gone, 'varmints' is not such a far-off word for - well, never mind.)

No, this trouble is at home.  I just had not realized how much these creatures like flour.  Whether it is in a play dough ingredient bag at school, or a flour bag in the garage, it's obviously a big hit in the Rodent Diet World. 

Since I had already had the trouble at school, I wasn't too surprised earlier this week to find that some rodent had been in the box with the flour in the garage, eating through the bag and leaving lots of completely gross souvenirs behind.  Not surprised, but completely disgusted.  I saved the dishwasher soap, vinegar, and rubbing alcohol containers (this was the "Ingredients for School" box), and threw the flour, salt and box away.   It was creepy and gross, but once it was gone it  was out of sight, out of mind.

However, that night when I opened the door to the garage to get something out of the car and heard scrambling and scrabbling noises, I knew exactly what it was.  Sure enough, when I turned on the light, there was a large rat sitting on top of the big shelf unit, looking at me. 

Jason came to scare it out, and Jericho came to shoot it with his air soft gun,  (Jacob did not come out.  He, like me, is not a big fan of rodents.)  However, by the time they got out there, it was gone.

Hopefully forever.  I've had enough rodent encounters for a good, long while.

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