The Church Mosaic Project

Well, I haven't talked about the new mosaic project in awhile. We are making some progress on it, but we've also been ironing out some wrinkles that have come up with it. In fact, here are some things I've learned so far from this project:

  1. I've learned that some middle schoolers only have so much tolerance with challenging art projects, and can quickly tire of a project if it is put in front of them too often in a short amount of time.
  2. This especially is the case when the project calls for some detailed mosaic work that is probably too hard for them. It tends to frustrate them when they can't make it look the way it is supposed to look, and then they give up.
  3. I've also learned that even when excited about a project, middle schoolers don't always take the care that is needed (or have the skills) to make the pictures look like - what the pictures they are supposed to look like.
  4. Seeing the pictures not look exactly how they are supposed to can be challenging to an adult who wants very much for it to look just right, and it can be a battle to not grab the materials away from them and say, "Here. Just let me do it."
  5. Then again, if you are making a project that is going to be mounted permanently in the church for all to see, you want the pictures to at least be recognizable. Therefore, you have to find that fine line between letting the kids have ownership of the project and creating their own pictures, and adding enough definition that the pictures are clear.

And that's where I am now. In that "adding some definition" stage. Plus, I'm making plans for the next set of drawings to be simpler, and presented to the kids in a way that does not overwhelm them or burn them out on the project.

We shall see...

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